The Usui System of Reiki Healing


     The Usui System of Reiki Healing is a hands-on healing technique. Reiki, Universal Life Energy, is channeled through the practitioner’s hands for self-treatment and treatment of others. The result of receiving Reiki is enhanced health and well-being - physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual. It is named after Dr. Mikao Usui a Christian professor in Japan, who in the late 1800’s developed the healing process we now call Reiki.



     Giving and receiving Reiki through the Usui System of Reiki Healing stimulates a process that brings a clearer sense of self, deepening self-love, and a growing awareness of one’s true self. Receiving Reiki has a profoundly physical benefit and practice of the form brings an awakening of one’s spiritual dimension and a growing sense of oneself in relationship to All That Is. Reiki, this mysterious energy of life, is the bringer of insight, of healing, and of being in touch with the wonder and mystery of Spirit.



     Christy Carl, RN, MS was first introduced to Reiki by Hawaya Takata, the Grand Master of The Usui System of Reiki Healing who brought it to the United States. Mrs.Takata initiated Christy into first degree Reiki in 1980. Christy pursued her second-degree initiation and has been a Reiki Practitioner for over 20 years being initiated as a Reiki Master by current Grand Master Phyllis Furomoto in 1993.



     Christy offers Reiki classes and treatments through The Christopher Center of Healing. She is a skilled medical guided imagery practitioner and often combines this work with her Reiki treatments. First and Second Degree classes are taught in the traditional Usui System format and include energetic initiations that open the student’s Reiki channel.



For a current class calendar or to schedule a treatment please call Christy at 503-577-5513 or send email.