My Philosophy

The Christopher Center of Healing is dedicated to helping people walk a path of whole person healing. We recognize that healing occurs on multiple levels and that illness is an opportunity to find deeper meaning and healing on the spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical planes. Our programs are designed to guide people to deeper levels of healing and to support them in finding the modalities and lifestyle that enhance their happiness and well-being. Although not always initially apparent, we believe that all illness offers an opportunity for finding deeper truths, stronger inner capacities, and personal growth. Physical health is an important part of our goals for patients, yet does not stand alone. We are here to serve those who want to grow and flourish emotionally and spiritually as part of their journey to health and well-being.

We bring together the philosophies of eastern medicine with its wealth of understanding of energy fields and the spiritual aspects of being human along with the newer technical understandings of health and healing of western medicine. At the foundation of our work is the understanding that we are affected by our physical make-up, the physical environment we live in and the physical actions we take such as eating, sleeping, and moving. We understand that all physical manifestations have energies and thus utilize food, exercise, relaxation meditation, and flower essences for both their physical and energetic effect. We also understand that our health and well-being are affected by our inner and outer emotional environments and work deeply in these areas. And at the core of every human being we see a spiritual nature that when touched can bring peace, contentment, and health.