Our classes are designed to support your efforts to create health and well-being for yourself. Classes enable you to learn the life skills that help change you.  A group setting offers the added benefit of discussion, shared experiences, and fun. Classes include:



Whole Foods Cooking

A Macrobiotic ("Whole Life") approach to food is utilized for it addresses the sacred energy of food and is not just a diet, but a way of living and eating that enhances energetic balance and well-being. Classes are taught with a hands-on experience that allows students to engage in discussion and cooking simultaneously. The methods and ideas can be adapted to many dietary practices because of their focus on healthy whole foods, individual needs and desires, eating with the seasons, and finding balance. Four consecutive weekly classes include sharing a meal together.


Meditation and Inner Guidance

Meditation allows people to find the stillness within. It can bring both the healing of full body and mind relaxation and the ability to transcend into a spiritual realm. Utilizing deep relaxation and the natural intuition that exists in people, a multitude of techniques for connecting to, understanding, and utilizing one's higher intuitive knowledge are taught in this class. Six consecutive weeks


First and Second Degree Reiki Classes 

This first degree and second degree Reiki classes are taught in the traditional Usui way as taught by Mrs. Takata and Phyllis Furumoto. The first-degree class includes the history of Reiki, principles of Reiki, how to do a self-treatment, how to treat others, practice time, and the four initiations as taught by Mrs. Takata. The second-degree class is for those who have completed first degree and practiced Reiki daily for a minimum of six months. In the second-degree class First Degree practitioners learn symbols and processes for providing mental/emotional and distance healing. A second degree is considered needed for treating the public while first degree allows one to treat oneself, friends and family.

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