Christy is a deeply sensitive and intuitive healer. Utilizing interactive inner guidance, relaxation techniques, and intuitive knowing she leads people into and through emotional and energetic blocks to healing. Each session is a new discovery. In a healing session with Christy issues from the past many times surface and are cleared. Clarity about decisions is often revealed. Self-doubts and shame can find resolution. Sometimes emotional pain is released, physical pain removed and self-acceptance occurs. Often a deep experience of love ensues. The healing sessions are always nurturing and relaxing. Intuitive guided imagery does not require an ability to see images in one’s mind, but rather only a desire to look at the underlying messages and insights that illness offers. Her ability to access and trust inner guidance has been described as “profound and inspiring!” Christy also teaches inner guidance meditation and whole foods cooking classes as a way for people to learn life skills that support creating health and well-being.

Her formal education includes a BS degree in nursing from The Oregon Health Sciences University (1975) and a MS in health administration/nursing from University of Portland (1984). In the late seventies Christy began her study of energy healing and in 1980 was initiated into Reiki by Hawaya Takata, the Grand Master of The Usui System of Reiki Healing who brought Reiki to the United States. Christy pursued her second-degree initiation and has been a Reiki practitioner for over 30 years being initiated as a Reiki Master by current Grand Master Phyllis Furomoto in 1993. During those years Christy also studied Visual Prayer with James Craig Ewing, trained with The Academy of Guided Imagery, and learned a variety of meditation and healing techniques from many sources. During the past 10 years Christy has studied with the David Spangler and Dorothy Maclean of the Lorian Association. She was ordained in the Lorian Association in 2011 and is now a licensed minister.



Christy’s training also includes her own life journeys. In the early 1980s she was able to heal her seasonal allergies and an ovarian cyst by following her inner guidance and looking at the underlying reasons and messages of the conditions, in 1996 the same process started with cancer, and in 2009 a fractured leg.  As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and adult cancer she continues to invite life to be her teacher and conduit for spiritual growth and has been a pediatric nurse, healthcare administrator, organizational development consultant, stress management consultant, and mother. Christy now offers wellness coaching and inner guided healing sessions to individuals and is expanding her own inner work with the nature spirits and beings on her land.



What others say about Christy:


“She is one of the strongest people I know in accessing and trusting inner guidance. Profound and inspiring!!!” Dr. Tamara Staudt, ND, LAc



“She is very open and perceptive, listening closely for content, context, and subtext. She guides you into direct alignment with your higher self.” anonymous client



“My body feels the healthiest and most vibrant it has ever been. She is intuitive, holistic, direct to the core, patient, caring, and unassuming.” K.S., client



“Christy listens carefully, respects me as an individual, goes the extra mile, and effectively collaborates with other professionals. I leave sessions feeling as if I have much more understanding and control of my situation.” P.S., client



“I'm thankful for the warm and nurturing classes and food at your house this year...”Karen



“Your class was a lot of fun and it took some of the intimidation factor out of Macrobiotic cooking ;)  It always seemed so overwhelming to balance everything out.  You were also able to answer a lot of questions I've had for such a long time.  Reading things in books is much different than a conversation.” David S. 



“I am so enjoying your cooking classes and I feel like I am embarking on a whole new way of life. I love the calm ambiance of your home and learning from you.” Emily E. 



“Christy Carl is a gifted healer with a very powerful spiritual connection.  Using Reiki, Christy envelops her clients in a safe cocoon of love and compassion that facilitates profound spiritual insights and emotional releases.  Working with Christy, I am able to go into a deep meditative state where I can access my body’s inner wisdom and take the lead in my own healing process.  Her sessions are always incredibly relaxing and nurturing. Christy is calm, centered and open-hearted.  By her authentic example, she inspires me to go deeper and deeper in my own inner emotional work.  I am grateful for the gift of Christy Carl in my life.  Whether you seek simple nurturing or transcendent healing, I highly recommend Christy Carl to you.” ES, client


Christy Carl, RN, MS, Wellness Coach, founded The Christopher Center of Healing after living through breast cancer. A healthcare administrator, nurse, and energy worker for 35 years Christy holds a bachelor’s degree in nursing and a master's degree in community health administration. She is a Reiki Master in the Usui System of Natural Healing. Using illness as a metaphor for life and a message that transformation was necessary she chose to not have surgery for her cancer and instead pursued a path of inner work and outer changes that included a radical change in her nutrition, deep emotional work that uncovered a past of abuse, and selective use of innovative western medical treatments. She is alive and well today because she is highly skilled in connecting to the spiritual essence that guided her through to wellness. "I am dedicated to using my clear inner guidance to facilitate powerful healing experiences for people. Having healed my own cancer by following my deep inner guidance I understand the power and the challenge of becoming well." Her unique set of skills--a highly developed ability to access intuitive inner knowing coupled with a professional healthcare background--allows her to be a strong catalyst for people’s healing.