The Christopher Center of Healing is dedicated to helping people walk a path of whole person healing. My unique and compassionate inner guided healing will help you to relax deeply, clear emotional pain and blocks to healing, and connect to your authentic self. The transpersonal psycho-spiritual counseling I offer allows room for moving through emotional or subconscious issues and exploring the opportunity for change that serious illness and difficult challenges bring to a person's life. All of the programs are designed to guide and support you in finding the modalities and lifestyle that bring happiness and well-being. Many remarkable and wonderful changes happen for my clients. “I so often think of our sessions and am amazed how much they have helped me grow and heal.” M H




I sincerely believe that each of us is on a journey of life and that difficulties of all kinds can be solved. We can teach you the skills needed to relax deeply and connect to your authentic intuitive knowing. Healing occurs on multiple levels and I am here to help you uncover and release your unconscious obstacles to well-being and clear the underlying causes of stress and illness. Physical and emotional health and well-being is my goal for you. Let me help you on the path to deeper meaning in life, authentic happiness, and a greater understanding of your relationship with the divine. I know that you can heal! “Working with Christy, I can go into a deep meditative state, access my body’s inner wisdom, and take the lead in my own healing process.  Her sessions are always incredibly relaxing and nurturing.” E.S.   




My unique and compassionate approach will help you to know your next step to becoming healthy and happy. As we work together, both a relief of symptoms and an understanding of the deeper truths your condition offers will occur. Together we will explore how you can utilize eastern medicine with its wealth of understanding of energy fields and the spiritual aspects of being human along with western medicine’s understandings of health to find well being. I will listen to you deeply for I know that you contain the answers for whatever you are facing. My goal is that you are able to clearly discern what is best for you, learn how to keep yourself well, and become your own source of healing. “I felt relaxed, safe, and connected spiritually; able to make medical choices based on my higher self.”P.S




I will be your partner through this process of learning and growing and welcome you in just as you are. My own experience has taught me that love and respect are essential ingredients of healing and I offer both to you. I have extensive knowledge of services and practitioners outside of The Christopher Center and will work collaboratively with your current health practitioners.  “Christy is one of the strongest people I know in accessing and trusting inner guidance…..profound and inspiring!!!!” Dr. Tamara Staudt, ND, LAc